ADAMS® Technology

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HAVER & BOECKER created the ADAMS®, a hybrid concept that combines the traditional valve-bag filling process with the FFS technology. Specially designed tubular-style bags are dispensed into the machine coming off a roll. The machine cuts, welds and forms the bag prior to delivering it to the filling spout. The traditional impeller technology fills the plastic bag while a combination of a vibrating rod and vacuum technology extracts the air out of the bag prior to welding it shut. The result is a completely sealed, well compacted bag that can be transported and palletized without any instability.

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HAVER & BOECKER ADAMS® technology stands for the filling of powder-type products and those with difficult flow properties into watertight PE packaging. Packing with Form-Fill-Seal machines has long been the rule for granular and grainy products. And to allow air escape, packaging material may be needled or micro-perforated. But this is not possible with powder-type products because the product’s dust portion leaks out. Product compaction inside the bag and air escape during filling are the fundamental requirements for achieving a clean and efficient packing result. The filling systems are based on the HAVER & BOECKER ADAMS® technology, and with their special technical features they are highly convincing.


Tightly sealed PE bags withstand for a long lifetime and a consistently high product quality for powdery products along the entire transport and storage chain.

  • Less transport and storage damage thanks to robust PE packaging
  • No quality loss through weather conditions, especially with hygroscopic products
  • Clean and safe storage inside and outside
  • Reliable product protection, even if stored outside for a long time
  • UV and aroma protection ensure the highest product quality level


At building sites, during transport or storage, on the sales floor, inside or outside – PE bags ensure dust-free surroundings, as well as a clean and attractive presentation along the entire delivery and storage chain.

  • Clean surroundings along the entire delivery and storage chain
  • Waterproof and tear-resistant PE bags ensure higher cleanliness
  • PE bags protect the environment from contamination with dangerous products
  • Dust-free production for high operator protection
  • Attractive and clean design, even when stored outside
  • Optimized print image with gloss effect offers new design possibilities