Another customer looking for a semi-automatic liquid filling machine

One of our existing customers came to us as they were in the process of adding a new product line to their manufacturing capacities. Due to the nature of their business, and the requirements of their end customers, our customer must have the latest technological filling machine. The challenges consisted of extremely limited space and the type of materials needed to incorporate for the liquid filling process. Our customer was also looking for better scale control and the touch panel as the one they were using became very difficult to procure.

The Solution

Haver & Boecker USA under the Feige Filling brand took the time to sit with our customer and go detail by detail. It took time to get a custom solution, based on the customers’ requirements and their timeline. The results consisted of an ELEMENTRA 26 liquid filling machine which is mounted in place to fill liquids into huge totes (500 gal) and drums (55 gal), along with having conveyors set up to keep everything moving smoothly. When it came to the touch panel, we were able to deliver an industrial PC configuration that met the customer’s requirements. The added bonuses of the industrial PC are several, but one is the number of stored product recipes is practically unlimited now. Also, there was the issue with washdown. We had to modify the material of the pallet roller conveyors, the conveyors before the scale, at the scale and after the scale. They were built using stainless steel including motors based on the need to have added protection from the product and for washing down requirements.

Key Feige Liquid Filler with FST10k and Industrial Touch Panel Features:

  • Expanded recipe capacity and customization.
  • A recipe Help Screen with a breakdown of the recipe parameters, a built-in raise by weight calculator, and example files and animations of successful filling types.
  • Advanced tracking of filling data and real-time statistics
  • Selection of sub-surface filling to filling just below the bunghole filling
  • Slow/Fast/Slow (Fine/Coarse/Fine) for more reactive or foaming products.
  • Pump Selection can be customized to fit your personal needs, either opening ball valves with dry contacts or simply choosing which pump receives 4-20mA signal.
    • 4-20mA signal to VFD embedded into recipes or changed easily on the fly.
  • Manual control of the filling valve via HMI pushbuttons, or easily bring the lance down to a position for changing of the valve.
  • A multitude of container sizes can be used with the addition of position sensors on the HE itself as well as a handy, pre-programmed, Container Selection screen.
  • Detailed and Timestamped alarm messages to guide the operator into fault resolution. Messages are also sortable into transport versus filling faults.
  • Automatic Base-Height adjustment allows the operator to raise or lower the machine with the push of a button allowing a more customized position for the customer filling a wide variety of containers (500 gal – 55gal).
  • Transport with opening/filling/closing locations so that containers can be opened before moving onto the scale conveyor and closed after moving off of it.
  • Batch Info Tracking:
    • When a preset batch quantity is entered a data screen can be opened to show how many containers are left in the batch, the total batch gross weight, and the gross weight of a complete pallet or container.
  • Filling Data can be exported to desktop, thumb drive, network location in the form of a CSV, XML, or other database file. Data consist of a timestamped with the product name, net weight, gross weight, cycle time, and tare weight.
  • On screen indication of fill level.
  • Remote Access with camera headset for PLC and HMI support available.

At HAVER & BOECKER USA, we understand the importance of having reliable and efficient liquid-filling machines. Our semi- and automatic liquid-filling machines feature high-precision dosing systems and intuitive user interfaces, making them easy to use.

With our machines, you can rest assured that your production process will be reliable, efficient, and safe. Contact us today to make your order.