Grain to Table

Grain Millers has been packaging conventional organic whole grain products for more than 30 years. These grains are used in baked goods, breads, cereals and a wide range of other products served around the world.

Getting the grains from raw commodity to finished product is a long process, one that involves several steps before packaging. From flake rollers and dryers to vibratory trays and bucket elevators, Grain Millers relies on several machines to come together and create a smooth, cohesive process. “We operate a closed loop system,” said Tony Selby, Grain Millers’ plant manager. “Basically, it means we’re able to connect each piece of machinery together so we don’t interrupt the flow and disrupt the progression of steps.”

Each machine is important, but the key to the entire Grain Millers system is in the final step – packaging. Grain Millers now accomplishes this key step with the TOPLINE® bagging system from the Behn + Bates brand of Haver Filling Systems.

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