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BEHN + BATES Supplies bagging and palletizing for flour

BEHN + BATES is our brand for bagging and palletizing any and all food related products. Over the years, we've specialized on how to most efficiently bag flour. The result has been to work with customers and partners to fill flour into valve bags. Using our standalone valve bag filling machine and our fully automated valve bag baggers, we're able to help our customers deliver consistent quality to their end customer. The valve bags produced on our equipment are weighed and sized correctly, are easier to palletize then other bag types and through the right valve bag construction the flour is protected from the environment until use. 

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The Benefits of Filling Flour into Valve Bags

When it comes to packaging flour, choosing the right method is crucial to ensure product quality, cleanliness, and efficiency. One of the most effective and widely used packaging solutions is filling flour into valve bags. Valve bags offer a range of benefits that make them an excellent choice for flour packaging. These benefits include full bag utilization, optimal palletizing, and minimized waste.

Full Bag Utilization
Valve bags are designed to maximize the use of available space, allowing for full bag utilization. This means that every inch of the bag is filled efficiently, ensuring that no space is wasted. The ultrasonic sealing valve ensures a tight seal, which prevents any spillage during the downstream process. This not only makes the packaging process more efficient but also ensures that the maximum amount of flour is packed into each bag. Full bag utilization helps in reducing the overall packaging costs and ensures that consumers get the most value from each package.

Optimal Palletizing
Valve bags are ideal for palletizing, offering significant advantages in terms of storage and transportation. The uniform squared shape and size of these bags make them easy to stack on pallets, optimizing space and ensuring stability during transit. Proper palletizing reduces the risk of bags shifting or falling over, which can cause damage and waste. Additionally, the ability to stack valve bag pallets on top of each other efficiently allows for better use of storage space in warehouses and during transportation, ultimately lowering logistics costs.

Minimized Waste
One of the key benefits of using valve bags for flour packaging is the significant reduction in waste. The secure sealing mechanism of the valve ensures that there is no spillage or leakage during the filling and handling processes. This reduces the amount of flour wasted due to packaging errors or damage. Furthermore, the robust construction of valve bags protects the flour from contamination and damage, ensuring that the product remains in perfect condition until it reaches the consumer. Minimizing waste not only saves costs but also supports environmental sustainability by reducing the amount of discarded product.


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