A Change of Leadership at HAVER FILLING SYSTEMS, INC.

Dear Clients, Associates and Friends, “…the only constant in life is change”. And change of the leadership of Haver Filling Systems, Inc. is what we would like to announce. Effective beginning of April, Thomas Reckersdrees will leave the Haver Group. After thirty-two years with Haver, Thomas has resigned his position as Vice President in order [...]

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Facility To Increase Capacity, Continue Responsive Service

Haver Filling Systems, Inc. (HFS), a leading provider of bulk material packaging solutions and filling equipment, is expanding its Conyers, Ga. facility to increase production capacity. HFS assembles German-engineered packaging and filling machines in the Conyers facility. The machines, which are used for dry bulk solid, liquid and pasty materials, include the Haver, Feige and [...]

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Service Pad Provides Optimal Production Capacities

Haver Filling Systems Service Pad Provides Optimal Production Capacities A new handheld tablet device from Haver Filling Systems is placing near-immediate equipment diagnostics, troubleshooting and maintenance in the hands of the company’s customers. Haver recently introduced its industrial grade tablet, the Haver Service Pad. This is for businesses that use automated equipment to fill dry [...]

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A New Group Member, Expanding Our Line-Up

With a signature on the dotted line of the contract in Paris on May 29, 2012, HAVER & BOECKER Holding GmbH will take over 100% share of Newtec Bag Palletizing from the Newtec International Group S.A. Newtec Bag Palletizing is a renowned manufacturer of automatic palletizing systems with headquarters in Illzach, France. It has over [...]

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Manufacturing of Explosion Proof Bag Packaging Machines Gets Green Light

After assembling the first INTEGRA® at HAVER FILLING SYSTEMS, INC. in 2009, we now have the ability to manufacture the explosion proof INTEGRA® with DEKRA EXAM GmbH Certification. DEKRA EXAM GmbH performed an audit on Friday, April 13, 2012, for acceptance of the EG-Type examination and the certification of quality management of production according to [...]

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Grain Millers Gets A Smooth Fill

Grain Millers Gets A Smooth Fill Manufacturer’s Packaging Production Soars After Making Simple System Switch There’s tired and there’s down for the count. Eugene, Oregon-based grain processor Grain Millers, Inc. was both before changing bagging machines in 2008. Today, with a new machine on its floor and workers who no longer have to break their [...]

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Grain to Table

Grain Millers has been packaging conventional organic whole grain products for more than 30 years. These grains are used in baked goods, breads, cereals and a wide range of other products served around the world. Getting the grains from raw commodity to finished product is a long process, one that involves several steps before packaging. [...]

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Top of the Line

Grain Millers has had the TOPLINE system and Haver’s one-of-a-kind HAVER MEC weighing control system for about four years now. The fully automated system accomplishes the entire bagging process from product weighing, to filling and finally bag closure. “It’s really a remarkable system,” Selby said. “One of our biggest challenges had been finding operators who [...]

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