NIAflow Basic: The Basis of Professional Process Simulation

The intuitively operated program NIAflow Basic is a free simulation software for a smooth process functioning in processing technology.  The basic version enables the presentation of simple dry, mechanical processes focused on crushing and screening.

NIAflow Aggregates: Digital Process Simulation for the Gravel and Sand Industry

Aggregates is the extensive full version of the NIAflow simulation software for processing plants in the aggregates as well as the gravel and sand industries. Contrary to the basic version NIAflow Basic, the object number of machines on the drawing sheet is not limited. Thus large plants for wet and dry processing of mineral raw materials can be shown schematically.

NIAflow Mining: Simulation Software for Processes in the Mining Industry

The simulation program NIAflow Mining complements the Aggregates full version for application in the Mining Industry. In this full version for Mining, further machines can be selected. In addition there is additional classification equipment as well as machines for sorting mineral raw materials.


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  • Simulation of process-technical systems
  • Design of new mineral processing plants
  • Optimization of existing plants
  • Product calculations
  • Layout of blending processes
  • Tender/offer generation
  • Graphical display of processes
  • Mathematical simulation of process-technical systems
  • Wet and dry processes
  • Closed material flow circuits
  • Screening classification: mixed deck assignment
  • Parametric, dynamic info-fields
  • Limit value monitoring
  • More rapid analysis of existing/new processes
  • Simple recording of plant status
  • Efficient process optimization
  • Recognizing potential for optimization