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ONE OF THE LARGEST PRODUCT PORTFOLIOS IN THE INDUSTRY HAVER & BOECKER is a leading manufacturer of diversified processing, storing, mixing, packing, filling, palletizing and loading solutions. We supply innovative technologies with different degrees of automation for individual applications and requirements for dry and liquid products. The solutions always assure consistent quality, weight accuracy, highest output rates, environment-friendly operation and user-friendly maintenance.

Storage - Haver & Boecker USA

IBAU HAMBURG is the brand of HAVER & BOECKER responsible for plant engineering, plant components and material handling operations. Including expertise in the fields of bulk loading and silo technology in all kinds of land and marine applications, ranging from single state-of-the-art components to entire turnkey plants. LEARN MORE

SOMMER is the brand of HAVER & BOECKER responsible for mixing systems and mixers, structural steel work, tank facilities and turnkey production systems. Along with providing mixing trials using scale-ups, the layout of complete mixing and agitator processes, and the manufacture and installation of machines and systems. LEARN MORE

FEIGE FILLING is the brand of HAVER & BOECKER responsible for the turn-key filling systems for liquid and pasty products into drums, pails, cans and IBCs. From semi-automatic filling stations, up to fully automatic filling plants for liquid and pasty products combined with storage system, conveyors or palletizing system. LEARN MORE

HAVER & BOECKER is a world leader in providing solutions in the area of filling dry bulk materials into bags of all types. We strive to provide our customers in this field with the very latest in technology and know how. Our industries include: cement, chemicals, building materials and minerals. For food-grade applications, BEHN + BATES is the brand for filling food, pet food and feed into varies types of bags from valve bags to big bags. LEARN MORE

Automation - Haver & Boecker USA

In order to stay competitive in today's marketplace companies must continue to push forward through automation and optimization of their processes and design them in a sustainable and energy-efficient way. LEARN MORE

palletizing bags and other containers

NEWTEC Bag Palletizing is the brand of HAVER & BOECKER responsible for the palletizing of all bagged products for cement, chemicals, building materials and minerals, fracking, pet food, feed and food. Once our packaging machines fill the bags, our palletizing systems get to work providing fast, clean and efficient palletized bags. LEARN MORE

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