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HAVER & BOECKER and BEHN + BATES are world leaders in packing dry bulk materials into bags using a wide range of industrial packing equipment. Each dry bulk filling machine has a special focus for the industrial bagging market. HAVER & BOECKER is focused on supporting the cement, chemical and building material industries with all their bagging needs. While BEHN + BATES has a special tailored focus on ingredients, food and the feed industries. Both of our companies focus on how to efficiently and effectively fill all types of dry bulk materials into various types of bags. We strive to provide our customers in these fields with the very latest in technology and know-how. We are able to supply valve bag filling machine, bulk bag fillers, tubular form fill seal baggers and open mouth bagging machines.



Packing tab - Haver & Boecker USA

Valve Bag Packer/Fillers

Our valve bag packer/fillers are used for bagging varies types of dry bulk materials, starting at about 5kg/10lbs. We have basic manual solutions up to fully automatic solutions with robotic integration. If you need a special execution, we have you covered too, we can deliver for hazardous environments and food-grade applications. Last but not least are the valve bags used, when selecting a machine, we will help in considering the bagging triangle and coordinate to make sure the bag supplier provides the right type of valve bag.


Big Bag Filling Station

HAVER has been producing big bag filling systems for more than 20 years. Our experience for filling and weighing bulk bag systems assists in helping you meet all of the requirements that arise in the industry.


FFS for Powdery Products

We are able to offer a clean and compact bagging of powder and granular products into plastic bags, in both a stationary and rotating systems. Our proven HAVER FFS systems meet your demands for efficiency, high rates, product protection and longer shelf life.


Open-Mouth Bagging Equipment

Our TOPLINE, open mouth bagging machines offer cost effective, user-friendly solutions for filling into open-mouth bags.

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