EGF Big Bag


Clean filling
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inflatable sleeve

Modular system
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Simple usability

EGF Big Bag

We produce big bag type packing/filling and weighing systems for flexible packaging such as FIBC’s octa bins, cartons, and other semi-bulk packaging units. When compared to conventional bags or other small packages, these systems represent a cost-effective alternative within the logistical supply chain for handling bulk products.

Our bulk container packing/filling uses several technologies depending on the products being filled; screw conveyor dosing for powdery type products, electro-magnetic feeder for coarse product, cone dosing system for micro pellets, flap-dosing for granulated products or pellets and belt conveyor dosing for blended products are available


Dosing Technology

  • Screw Dosing
  • Impeller Dosing
  • Rotary Flap
  • Cone Dosing
  • Flap Dosing
  • Belt Dosing

Weighing Range

  • 5 to 50 kg bags
  • Up to 2000 lb bags

Modular Design

  • Moveable Design
  • Expandable Automation

Bag Materials

  • Paper
  • Woven
  • PE


  • Lighter Density Products
  • Food Grade
  • Explosion Proof
  • Salt and Fertilizer