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Form Fill Seal, Tubular Film

Haver & Boecker offers the filling of powder and granular products into plastic bags in stationary and rotating systems. Our proven Haver Adams and FFS Editions meet your expectations for efficiency, high bag production and a quality filled bag that palletizes great. Our machines are made special to be durable enough for the cement and building materials industries and specialized enough for the chemical and food industries, through material and component modifications.

FFS Roto-Packer Adams

Roto-Packer Adams Edition

Our rotating, Roto-Packer Adams Edition is made with 4 to 10 indexing spouts for filling powdery products into plastic bags. Our Adams Edition rotating bagging system takes a tubular film and turned it into a perfectly filled plastic bag ready for palletizing. The key to our Adams bagging equipment is its performance with powdery products, from a dust preventing filling spout to the bag compaction that we can deliver, your product will be in a brick-shaped bag ready for market.

FFS ADAMs Edition

Integra FFS Edition

Our stationary Integra FFS Edition was made for filling your powdery products into tubular plastic film. The FFS Editions are designed for free-flowing powdery products with production rates vary depending on your product. When you need powdery products into FFS tubular film bags, the Integra FFS Edition is the right choice. Available in different designs such as stainless steel, food grade and for classified areas.


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