Open-Mouth Baggers

Our Haver & Boecker and Behn + Bates Elementra and Integra Editions for packaging open-mouth bags offer cost effective, user-friendly solutions for filling in various executions. Our machines are made special to be durable enough for the cement and building materials industries and specialized enough for the chemical and food industries, through material and component modifications.


Elementra Open-Mouth Manual Bagging Machine

Our Elementra open-mouth baggers offer a simple and cost-effective solution to filling various type of open-mouth bags. Depending on your product, we can determine if you need an impeller, gravity, or auger type open-mouth bag filler. From powdery to granular products, let us help.


Integra Open-Mouth Bagging Machine

Our Integra Topline Edition is a fully automatic open-mouth bag packing/filling machines for powders, pellets, and grain type products.We’re able to handle weights up to 50kg/100 lbs. and bags made from various materials including PP and PE. We can also provide bagging machines in different execution for food grade products to salt and fertilizer executions.


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