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Valve Bag Packers

HAVER & BOECKER and BEHN + BATES are industry-leading manufacturers of high-quality valve bagging machines used for filling dry bulk materials into a wide range of different valve bags. With a solid commitment to innovation and expertise, we continuously strive to offer our customers cutting-edge technology and industry-leading knowledge. Our comprehensive range of solutions caters to a diverse spectrum of industries, including cement, chemical, building materials, minerals, food, pet food, and feed.

Our valve bag filling machines are designed to ensure precise and efficient filling of dry bulk materials into various types of valve bags. From small-scale operations to large-scale production facilities, we aim to provide reliable and state-of-the-art valve bagging machines that optimizes productivity and enhances the packaging process. Whether our customers require simple manual valve bag fillers or high-speed, fully automatic valve bagging machines, we have the perfect solution to meet their specific needs.

With our extensive experience and dedication to customer satisfaction, at HAVER & BOECKER and BEHN + BATES we strive to establish ourselves as trusted partners for valve bag packing solutions worldwide.

Valve bag packer haver elementra

ELEMENTRA | Inline Packer

The ELEMENTRA inline valve bag filler/packer is a versatile and adaptable solution for efficiently filling valve bags with various products. This innovative system offers multiple options for the filling process, including the choice between a vertical impeller, horizontal impeller, air type, or pump type.

Integra - Haver & Boecker USA

INTEGRA | Enclosed Packer

The INTEGRA represents the essence of convenience and versatility in valve bag packing systems. As a factory-assembled, complete turnkey system, it is designed to streamline the process of filling loose bulk materials into valve bags. One of its standout features is its dust-proof enclosure, ensuring a clean and safe working environment while minimizing product loss and contamination.


ROTO-PACKER | High-Speed

The ROTO-PACKER is the embodiment of efficiency and usefulness in valve bag packers. Specifically designed for filling and weighing dry bulk materials, this machine can accommodate 3 to 16 filling spouts on a single rotating platform.

With its impressive range of filling spouts, the ROTO-PACKER ensures enhanced productivity and throughput, allowing multiple bags to be filled simultaneously. This not only minimizes downtime but also optimizes the packing process, maximizing overall efficiency.

Roto lock - Haver & Boecker USA

ROTO-LOCK | Clean Dosing

The ROTO-LOCK is a revolutionary dosing component that offers many benefits for valve bag fillers. With its advanced design and engineering, it ensures maintenance-free dosing, providing manufacturers with a hassle-free and efficient operation.


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