Easy installation
and start-up

Compact = minimal space requirements

Enclosed = less noise and dust emissions

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Integra – Valve Bag Packer/Filler

The INTEGRA is a valve bag filling machine, which is factory-assembled and a complete turnkey system. Specifically built for filling loose, bulk materials into valve bags inside a dust-proof enclosure. The enclosed system consist of bag storage, bag applicator, filling machine, ultrasonic sealer and a discharge conveyor.

Available with 1 to 4 filling spouts, with an aeration system, a vertical impeller or a horizontal impeller. This valve bag filling machine is quickly installed on-site and put into operation. The product hopper and utilities are the only parts needing installation on-site.


Filling Technology

  • Impeller Type – Vertical/Horizontal
  • Aerated Type
  • Pump Type

Weighing Range

  • 5 to 50 kg bags
  • 10 to 100 lbs. bags

Modular Design

  • From 1 to 4 spouts

Bag Materials

  • Paper
  • Plastic


  • Food Grade
  • Explosion Proof
  • Salt and Fertilizer

Models & Specs

Integra Standard Edition

A great starter package for your new production line or for your specialty products. Expandable from one to four spouts to meet future needs.

300 bags per hour


≤ 50

10 to 50kg bags weight

Integra Food Grade Edition

All the benefits of the Seal Edition with additional modifications to meet Food-Grade standards for your region.
food grade integra

250 bags per hour

≤ 50

10 to 50kg bag weight

Integra Seal Edition

Bag sealing at every spout reduces product loss from bag discharge helping keep downstream equipment in better condition longer.
Valve Bag Sealed

250 bags per hour

≤ 50

10 to 50kg bag weight