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FEIGE FILLING is our liquid filling equipment manufacturer’s brand and we’re able to offer semi-automatic liquid filling machines as well as fully automatic liquid filling machines to support a wide range of products and systems. In fact, our liquid filling equipment is ideal for the chemical industry, food-grade materials, pharmaceuticals, lubricants and much more.

Our gravimetric liquid filling machines can be used to fill drums and containers of various sizes, including pails, canisters, and IBC totes. We offer custom solutions, and our equipment can be utilized and integrated in most ERP systems to ensure efficient and effective filling processes—including nitrogen purging—to keep your business running smoothly.

Improve Efficiency and Productivity

Our liquid filling machine and equipment allows for fast and accurate filling of liquid products which can significantly improve production efficiency by automating the filling process while reducing the time and effort required with manual filling efforts. This increased productivity can help your business meet market demands and streamline your manufacturing processes.

Liquid Consistency and Volume Accuracy

Our liquid filling machine automatic and semi-automatic solutions can also help ensure precise and consistent filling volumes which can minimize product waste, improve product quality, and provide increased uniformity. Our equipment can be calibrated to your business’s specific needs while maintaining integrity and meeting regulatory standards.

Production Safety and Site Sterility

Along with improving your fill efforts our liquid filling solutions also help you meet strict hygiene and safety requirements, especially in industries like food and pharmaceuticals, which is important for minimizing the risk of contamination and ensures product purity. The equipment is also easier to clean and maintain between different products or service needs.

Service Versatility and Product Adaptability

Liquid filling equipment can be used to create and sustain a range of different liquid products including common substances like water, beverages, or food or other options. Better yet, they can accommodate different container sizes, shapes, and filling requirements to support your industry needs and efforts.

Cost-Effective Industry Scalability

While liquid filling equipment represents an initial investment, it offers long-term cost savings for small, medium, and large businesses alike. By automating the filling process, it can reduce labor costs and increase overall production efficiency, which can allow your business to continually grow and evolve based on consumer needs. This accurate filling process can also reduce waste and reduce budget strain by giving you more control over the liquid filling process.

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Drum Filling

Our drum fillers work with gravimetric filling and can be used for filling a single drum at a time or creating fully automatic drum filling lines with various stations for opening and closing, nitrogen purging, and other fill industry standards.

Semi-automatic Palletized Drum/IBC Totes Filler

Pallet Filling

Especially essential for bulk filling our pallet filling systems provides a smart filling solution for various containers on a pallet, which is important for businesses looking to fill various types of orders quickly or increase growth.


Pail Filling

A smaller, more customized solution for small buckets, pails, and containers such as with paint or other liquids our pail filling systems are pre-configured to deliver quality and efficiency while saving you time and effort.


Can Filling

Similar to our pail filling, our can filling systems are cost-effective and compact can fillers that have been designed to meet the "just fill" concept, so you can create smaller distribution lines or support small startup development needs.

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