Palletized Drum/ IBC Filling Machines

Most adaptable
filling equipment

Able to fill various
container types
with ease

Elementra 16

Our palletized drum/IBC liquid filler can fill various containers with the help of an Operator. Our Elementra 16 works in a semi-automatic way by which an operator is still a core part of the filling process. In the stand-alone simple execution, an operator will need to move the palletized drums or IBCs into position, then the operator to move the mast that holds the lance over the opening of the drum, then press fill which will activate the automatic liquid filling process. We fill by weight for all our equipment using a scale platform which the pallet sits on. Depending on your products characteristics the filling will either occur below bunghole, right above the product surface or below the product surface.

Our equipment is modular in the sense that you can build it up from the stand-alone palletized drum/IBC liquid filler to for instance, be mobile which means you can have multiple product hoppers that the filler can be moved to using a forklift. We also have options for building up conveyor lines around the liquid filler to speed up the transport process before and after filling to require less forklift interactions.

Your benefits - semi-automatic palletized drum and IBC filler

  • Very cost-effective solution as the complete operating modules are directly at the filling station
  • Very flexible filling station, able to fill various containers on a pallet
  • Quick installation
  • Simple operation
  • Below-surface filling with lance raise by weight, below-bunghole filling or above-surface filling
  • 255 filling parameters for different products


Filling Technology

  • Below bunghole
  • Above product surface
  • Below product surface

Weighing Range

  • 22 to 4400 lbs

Modular Design

  • Mobile
  • Dual Scale

Container Type

  • Drums
  • IBCs
  • Canisters


  • Food Grade
  • Explosion Proof
  • Stainless Steel
  • Acid Protection

Models & Specs

Elementra 16 Dual Scale

Semi-automatic palletized drum/IBC filling equipment works with a dual scale system for easy addition of other containters.
Elementra 16 Dual Scale Semi-automatic Palletized Drum/IBC Totes Filler

60 drums per hour

Elementra 16 Mobile Version

Our mobile version allows for easy relocation throughout your facility using a forklift.
Feige Filling Semi-automatic Palletized Drum/IBC Totes Filler

60 drums per hour