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Valve Bag

HAVER & BOECKER and BEHN + BATES are world leaders in providing solutions for filling dry bulk materials into valve bags of all types. We find the right solution for your products, whether it be our vertical impeller type packer, our air type packer or our horizontal impeller packer. Our valve bag bagging machines are also upgradeable, allowing you the flexibility to grow based on your future needs. We also provide all accessory equipment to provide a complete packaging machine line.

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Inline Valve Bag Packer

The HAVER inline valve bag filler/packer can use a vertical impeller, horizontal impeller, air type or pump type. These packers allow for 1 to 4 filling spout installation.


The INTEGRA is a valve bag packer/filler, which is factory-assembled, completeturnkey system. Specifically built for filling loose, bulk materials into valve bags inside a dust-proof enclosure.


The HAVER ROTO-PACKER is our ideal valve bag filler/packer for filling and weighing dry bulk materials using 3 to 16 filling spouts on one rotating machine.


The HAVER Roto-Lock delivers maintenance free dosing, a clean filling process and longer lasting components.