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PALLETIZING of Bags and Other Containers

Palletizing is an essential process in the packaging and shipping industry, as it helps to stack and organize bags and other containers into pallets for efficient transportation.

Companies across nearly every sector rely on Palletizing Technology to ensure that bags are stacked and secured in a uniform and stable manner, reducing the risk of damage during transportation. This can help reduce waste and prevent product loss, leading to cost savings for manufacturers.

By using automated palletizing systems such as those produced by HAVER Robotics & NEWTEC Bag Palletizing, manufacturers can also enjoy greater flexibility in their production processes. The systems can be programmed to handle a wide range of bag sizes and shapes, making them suitable for various products and applications.


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High-Level Bag Palletizer

High-level bag palletizing equipment is a critical component in the packaging and shipping industry, providing a fast, clean, and efficient method for stacking and organizing bags onto pallets. One notable provider of high-level bag palletizing equipment is NEWTEC Bag Palletizing, a brand of Haver & Boecker that specializes in producing advanced palletizing solutions for various industries.

NEWTEC's palletizing equipment is designed with a layer deposit feature that enables the stacking of bags onto pallets at rates ranging from 200 to 4,000 bags per hour. This high capacity allows manufacturers to handle large volumes of bags in a short amount of time, thereby increasing their production output.

The system is also equipped with advanced sensors and control systems that ensure precise positioning of the bags, leading to improved efficiency and reduced waste.

low level palletizer

Low-Level Bag Palletizer

Low-level bag palletizing equipment is another type of palletizing system offered by NEWTEC Bag Palletizing, designed to handle lower production rates while still maintaining efficient and reliable performance. NEWTEC's low-level bag palletizing equipment can feature either a gripper or layer forming that can easily handle bags, both provide a fast and accurate method for stacking bags onto pallets.

The low-level palletizing equipment can handle rates ranging from 300 to 1,200 bags per hour, making it an ideal solution for manufacturers with lower production volumes.

The equipment's gripper system is also highly customizable, allowing it to be configured to handle a wide range of bag sizes and shapes. This flexibility enables manufacturers to use the same system for multiple products, providing a cost-effective and versatile solution for their palletizing needs.

robotic palletizer

Robotic Palletizer

Robotic palletizing is another innovative solution offered by HAVER for manufacturers looking to automate their palletizing processes. HAVER’s Robotic Palletizer goes by the name AMICUS and is specifically designed for applications with rates up to 1,200 bags per hour, making it a suitable solution for a wide range of production volumes. Rates range for other types of containers and depending on the additional tasks the robotic is required to handle.

The system can handle bags ranging from 5 to 50 kg (10 to 110 lbs) as well as other types of containers such as pails, drums, boxes, and more.

Using robotics provides a flexible and efficient method for stacking bags and containers onto pallets, reducing the risk of damage and waste during transportation. With its high precision and flexibility, the Robotic Palletizer is an excellent solution for manufacturers looking to improve their palletizing processes.

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