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High-Level Bag Palletizers | ARCUS Family

Our ARCUS high-lever bag palletizers are automatic layer depositing palletizers with medium to high outputs for 800 to 4000 bags per hour. We can bag palletize a very broad range of different bag types. Our design also adjusts depending on your market. We know that the building material and cement market require more durability and we adjust accordingly to your bag size, material and the product inside your bag. The food and chemical industries bag palletizer need to be focused on cleanliness and we make sure to adapt our bag palletizer to account for that need. 

Our bag palletizer work by the bags being oriented by a cross or clamp - sometimes a bumper depending on the speed - then layers are built row-by-row based on your chosen bag pattern. Each layer is squared and pressed to optimize pallet shape and stability. Our bag palletizer modular design can be upgraded to change outputs and pallet patterns. The bag palletizers are available in anti-corrosion, ex-proof, and anti-abrasion versions.


Bag Turning Styles

  • Clamp
  • Cross
  • Bumper

Weighing Range

  • 10 to 100 lb bags

Modular Design

  • Bag Flattener
  • Slip Sheet Dispenser
  • Pallet Press
  • Bag Reject
  • Additional Components for speed upgrades

Container Type

  • Paper Bags
  • Plastic Bags


  • Food Grade
  • Explosion Proof
  • Salt and Fertilizer
  • Stainless Steel

Models & Specs

Arcus 1500 | High-lever bag palletizers

This palletizer uses a cross or clamp depending on your type of bag and product and can be retrofitted for additional features.
High-lever bag palletizers

1500 bags per hour


Push Style

Arcus 2500 | High-lever bag palletizers

Provides the best range of capacity with room to increase as your production changes. It offers all the expandable modules and executions.
High-lever bag palletizers

2500 bags per hour


Push Style

Arcus 4000 | High-lever bag palletizers

This palletizer is built to produce hour after hour. Bag cement, mortars, or chemical resin, we can get the pallets shaped well and ready for transport.
High-lever bag palletizers

4000 bags per hour


Push Style