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W.S. TYLER is the HAVER & BOECKER brand known for screening, washing and pelletizing technology, along with a complete line of engineered screen media and complementary services.

Technologies available:

Exciter Technology

HAVER Exciters ensure better performance for every application due to the wide range of static moment adjustments.

Vibrating Screen Exciters

Engineered Screen Media

W.S. TYLER provides the latest in engineered screen media.

Tensioned Screen Media

Modular Panels

Specialty Media

Washing Technology

W.S. TYLER provides the latest in washing technology for your materials, with production capacities from 350 to 2,000 short tones an hour.


Pelletizing Technology

W.S. TYLER provides the latest in pelletizing technology for your materials.

Pelletizing Disc


NIAflow supports the user in every engineering phase: From drawing up flow diagrams to product calculations, from generating tender documents for supplier inquiries and extending to the startup of a plant by simulating parameter changes.