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Our field-tested analysis instruments lead to economical packaging solutions for loose bulk materials. They allow process-relevant product properties to be measured and recorded, which result in accurate material classification and machinery selection.


Bulk Density Tester

Our Bulk Density Tester® makes determining the bulk density of powder or granular-type materials affordable and convenient. The sample product is measured using a precisely specified volume and then weighed by the customer.

Trickle Tester

The Trickle Tester® is used to determine a loose material’s pour ability. This tester checks the time needed for a material to flow from a discharge hopper and its pouring characteristic.

Big Gurley

Using the Big Gurley®, the air permeability of packaging materials can be measured and assessed. Continuous quality monitoring of bag material is important during bag manufacturing.

Bag Drop Tester

The Bag Drop Tester®, drop test bags filled with products to test quality and toughness. Filled bags weighing up to 50 lbs. are elevated to an adjustable height and then dropped either flat or standing up.

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