SEAL Technology

Compact. Clean. Sealed.


The SEAL technology prevents material loss as an inflatable sleeve in a specially designed filling spout inflates during the filling process. After dust-free filling, the bag is carefully extracted from the spout and the specially designed bag valve is welded shut by an ultrasonic sealing system. Most producers see a payback on their SEAL technology investment in less than 12 months.

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Seal your bag with seal technology

More and more cement and building products producers are making sure that their packages are compact, clean, completely sealed and look great. As a reaction to this market trend HAVER & BOECKER introduced its SEAL Technology. This packing system was developed with one target in mind: to create a new standard when it comes to cleanliness, safety and profitability of traditional valve bag filling technology. If you want a clean, safe and more profitable valve bag, find out more about how to SEAL YOUR BAG.


  • Tight, clean and compact packaging
  • Dust-free work surroundings for workers produces a satisfying work atmosphere
  • Clean bag filling means less production downtime from cleaning
  • Stable during storage and transport
  • Increased process reliability for the entire packing line
  • Precisely weighed packaging


  • Potential for price increases
  • Potential for boosting market share
  • Strong arguments against competition with the new, higher performance packing:
    • Tight
    • Clean
    • Compact
    • Attractive
    • Stable during storage
  • Positive impact on the company’s and product’s image for customers and employees
  • Attractive appearance directly at the point-of-sale makes your product stand out above the rest
  • Secure transport means satisfied customers and end-consumer