Form Fill Seal (FFS) Bagging Innovation

HAVER FFS-SYSTEM “THE CYRUS”, based on THE ADAMS® and THE BENJAMIN®, is the newest innovative FFS model of the Haver & Boecker product line and will be displayed to the public for the first at the INTERPACK. THE CYRUS is a new development for powder-type, loose materials with particle sizes ranging from 20 to 300 μ (e.g. products of the chemicals and food sectors) and for coarse products with dust content (e. g. sugar, salt and flakes), and thus can be the key to filling success. Frequent product changeovers with required cleaning are no problem for the HAVER-CYRUS. THE CYRUS is designed for bag sizes ranging from 6 dm3 to 50 dm3 and weights between 5 and 50 kg. Economy, flexibility and cleanliness are the distinguishing hallmarks of this system. It has a completely enclosed product path (dust-tight filling spouts) and speeds of up to 1500 bags/hour. THE CYRUS opens up for its customers a whole new range of possibilities, which up to now have not been possible with the conventional FFS systems, or only for valve bags.

“THE BENJAMIN” – the name of the newly developed FFS system from Haver & Boecker. This new innovation, based on industry proven technology from HAVER’s FFS-Systems, fills powdery products into plastic bags; protecting the product and increasing shelf life. Effective product protection is one of the elementary and essential requirements of packaging. Increasing market demand led Haver & Boecker to develop a system for filling powdery products into state-of- the-art PE bags at high output rates. Plastic bags provide the significant advantage of improved product protection and vastly prolonged shelf life. The quality of the smooth bag surface provides the preconditions for high quality, sophisticated print jobs. This innovative development will further enhance Haver & Boecker’s capabilities to answer the global call for advanced packaging technology.

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