Haver & Boecker now a UL-certified control cabinet builder

Today 140 control cabinet manufacturers in Germany are authorised to approve control cabinets built according to the UL standard. Since August 2008 Haver & Boecker has been among them. This makes the German packaging specialist one of the approximately 4,000 companies worldwide that can now fulfil this demanding American standard. This is yet another big success for the family-owned company located in Oelde, Germany, and it will save its North American and Canadian customers a lot of money when it comes to documentation and acceptance testing. For Haver & Boecker this represents a big step in eliminating bureaucratic red tape.

In mid July at Haver headquarters in Oelde, an exemplary final acceptance of control cabinets was conducted by Tim Fitzjarrald of the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) testing and certification office in the USA. Switch cabinets for the INTEGRA, ROTO-PACKER, external control systems and RADIMAT were tested. Haver employees learned about the requirements of the UL 508A standards for industrial control cabinets in various training sessions and seminars. This knowledge is essential for building UL-conforming control cabinets for the North American markets, or to have them built externally and then later apply the UL label.

The UL label confirms that the legally applicable regulations in the USA and Canada are fully complied to. This simplifies the work of the local inspectors (Authorities Having Jurisdiction – AHJ) whenever putting equipment into operation in North America and minimises the risk of a shut-down of a new machine or an entire line, thus reducing rework and additional deliveries.

Already at the end of July, 20 control cabinets of an open order could be outfitted with the first UL labels from the USA.

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