Service Pad Provides Optimal Production Capacities

Haver Filling Systems Service Pad Provides Optimal Production Capacities

A new handheld tablet device from Haver Filling Systems is placing near-immediate equipment diagnostics, troubleshooting and maintenance in the hands of the company’s customers.

Haver recently introduced its industrial grade tablet, the Haver Service Pad. This is for businesses that use automated equipment to fill dry bulk materials. It provides a huge benefit for machine operators and plant managers by helping provide optimal production capacities.

“The Haver Service Pad is a technological advancement in the filling and packaging industries,” said Bernd Steppeler, design engineer at Haver Filling Systems. “This device not only takes a service process that traditionally might have taken days and transforms it into minutes, it also provides improved performance monitoring and maintenance protocols.”

The Haver Service Pad combines the machine’s PLC controller capabilities and weighing controls with mobile technology that provides the ability to monitor and analyze performance, order parts and video conference live with Haver service technicians.

The Haver Service Pad is linked to every component within the machine through a wireless connection. The software knows exactly how each part should operate and, when it isn’t working properly, it provides the appropriate analytics to managers and operators. When a problem occurs, the Service Pad allows an operator to get almost instantaneous feedback Haver’s service team members. The service technicians walk the operator through the steps necessary for diagnosing the problem and then help the operator determine the best way to address it. For these kinds of situations, machine operators use the Service Pad to communicate with Haver technicians while standing in front of their equipment.

The Service Pad also helps streamline parts ordering and delivery. With it, a machine operator can pull up specific parts when it’s time to replace or restock them. The operator simply identifies which part is needed and places an electronic order directly through the mobile device.

Finally, operators can use the device to schedule reminders for routine maintenance checkups to help ensure equipment is kept running at peak efficiency at all times.

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