Manufacturing of Explosion Proof Bag Packaging Machines Gets Green Light

After assembling the first INTEGRA® at HAVER FILLING SYSTEMS, INC. in 2009, we now have the ability to manufacture the explosion proof INTEGRA® with DEKRA EXAM GmbH Certification.

DEKRA EXAM GmbH performed an audit on Friday, April 13, 2012, for acceptance of the EG-Type examination and the certification of quality management of production according to guideline 94/9EG (Explosion Protection Guideline) at HAVER FILLING SYSTEMS, INC.

By becoming certified HAVER FILLING SYSTEMS, INC., no longer requires complex single audits by the certification governing authority and allows standardized machines with explosion-proof zones to be checked and approved by qualified HAVER FILLING SYSTEMS, INC. or HAVER & BOECKER staff. This signifies a considerable reduction of expenditures for the organization as well as the elimination of high single audit costs.

Paul Ribka, Executive Vice President of HAVER FILLING SYSTEMS, INC., thanked all involved parties of the DEKRA EXAM GmbH and of HAVER & BOECKER for the collaboration and technical support.

The DEKRA seal was handed over to Paul Ribka, Executive Vice President

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