The Technology Know-How

The technology is based on the HAP – HAVER ADAMS PROCESS, a combination of decades of experience with FFS technology and bagging of fine, dusty products. “The BENJAMIN” is an internally rotating filling unit with 1 up to 4 filling spouts. This system is designed for filling of dry building materials, such as tile grout, tile adhesive and stone adhesive etc. The design output rate of this machine ranges up to 1,200 bags per hour, taking product characteristics into account. The FFS machine type “The ADAMS”, an externally rotating design is based on the same concept. This machine has 8 or 10 filling spouts and has been designed for bagging of high blaine cement as well as well as other ultra-fine products with output rates of up to 1,200 bags/h. Both machine types guarantee a high level of product compaction, which assures optimized use of storage and freight space and simultaneously maximum pallet stability.

Integrated corner welding enhances the block shape of filled bags, resulting in attractive pallet stacking, ideal for subsequent logistic handling.

Both developments have been introduced very successful in European industry.

Haver Filling Systems Conyers, Georgia, the North American arm of HAVER & BOECKER, provides trained technical service teams, responsible for local service 24/7 in the USA, Canada and Mexico. In order to assure maximum up time of these machines, preventive maintenance- and training programs are in place.

Other newly developed systems are the bag placers RADIMAT 3000 and RADIMAT 5000. The new models with a capacity of 3,000 and 5,000 bags per hour have less mechanical parts, are more maintenance-friendly and require less space. We estimate a saving in overheads of at least 20% for the customer.

The high-performance FFS-Delta with automatic reel changer makes the reel changing independent from the operator; increasing the efficiency of the FFS systems by a maximum production performance. Due to the optimized product dosing, highest performances can be reached even with low construction height.

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