Valve bag filling machines for Gypsum type products

A customer of ours came to us looking for valve bag filling machines for a mixed gypsum application. The challenge was the customer wanted to be able to use this machine for bagging multiple different mixed gypsum products of varying densities in 18, 25, 50, and 100 lb. bags. Additionally, there was a layout constraint in the area where the customer wanted the enclosed bagging machine to be located.

The Solution

Haver & Boecker USA met with the customer and brainstormed for a custom solution to best meet their needs. The solution was a configuration featuring our INTEGRA IVT 2 and ELEMENTRA EVT 2 which are our enclosed and inline 2 spout valve bag fillers supported by a stacked curved conveyor system packed with several features.

To support filling a variety of Gypsum products in both machines, we implemented frequency convertors that control the impeller speed which adjusts based off the product density. Additionally, we equipped aeration in the filling blocks to help the product move out of the spout. Also, to ensure accurate bag dosing, all the impeller packing spouts are equipped with our Roto-Lock dosing systems. For the layout constraints with INTEGRA IVT 2, custom roll up doors were fabricated so the operator can access and load the bag magazine. Also, a custom hopper was fabricated to fit the existing product supply at the customer’s plant location to ensure a perfect fit. The conveyer system equipped to this machine features a bag kick device to orient filled bags to move seamlessly on a curve conveyor. For filling 100 lb. bags with a wide array of mixed gypsum products, the ELEMENTRA EVT 2 is located parallel to the INTEGRA and a conveyor system leads to the stacked curved conveyor.

At Haver & Boecker USA, we recognize the importance of having efficient and reliable valve bag filling machines and love to step up to the plate to any challenges and ideas our customers bring to the table. With the use of cutting-edge technology, high precision dosing systems, and intuitive user interfaces, your production process is reliable, efficient, and safe!